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KimJongKook Turbo (터보) – 6th Album ‘Again’

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Track List : - 

1. Intro

2. Again (feat. Yoo Jae Suk) *TITLE

3. Hide And Seek *TITLE

4. Dancing Queen (production by Joo Young Hoon)

5. Live Well (feat. Lena Park)

6. love

7. Butterfly Effect

8. White Street (production by Yoon Il Sang)

9. Some Jazz Bar 2015

10. Nightmare

11. skit

12. Top 10 Songs (feat. Lee Ha Neul, Jinu, Lee Sang Min)

13. Wish (You/I/We) Was/Were Happy (feat. San E)

14. We (feat. K.Will and Jessi)

15. Sunshine (feat. Soya)

16. Happy Birthday To You (Bagaghee13 Viphox remix)

17. Again (feat. Yoo Jae Suk chinese version) CD only

18. Again (instrumental)

19. Hide and Seek (instrumental)